Vollrath Stoelting Frozen Beverage Dispenser (2) Bowls, 1.6 Gallon Ea. FREE 1 Gallon Syrup

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Serve up some delicious cold refreshments to your customers with this sleek Vollrath Stoelting CBD127-37 double 1.6 gallon frozen beverage dispenser. This product is designed to look great and display your product in the best possible fashion. The constant movement of the product in the clear bowls combined with the LED lights in the bowl lids draw customer attention to boost impulse sales. The two independently controlled bowls allow you to simultaneously serve two different beverages at one time. Whether you're making slushies for your small convenience store or frozen cocktails for your next upscale catered event, this dispenser is designed to handle all of your most popular cold or frozen slush and milk-based drinks. 

This unit features a bottom-freezing design, a technique that is especially effective for use with alcohol. With this unit, you can be sure of serving frozen cocktails with the right consistency and texture. The specialized seal-less drive shaft eliminates the need to buy new seals and cuts down on preventative maintenance costs, plus it lets you quickly change flavors since there are fewer parts to remove and clean.

Vollrath's horizontal and vertical augers, controlled by the auger movement button, ensure that every drink, from the first to the last, tastes the same. Each clear bowl holds (17) 12 oz. servings so you'll always be able to keep your customers satisfied. Manual and electronic machine locks make this unit ideal for self-service locations because customers won't be able to tamper with the settings. When necessary, just unlock the controls to make an adjustment.

The on-board diagnostics, like temperature alerts, make troubleshooting a breeze. Plus, the slush density indicator shows you the consistency of your drinks from the least dense at level 1 to the most dense at level 3, so you'll have more control over how your drinks will be served. In addition, night mode settings allow you to set the dispenser to defrost during off hours so that you can eliminate downtime during the rush and save energy when the dispenser is not needed.

The "plug and play" installation makes adding delicious frozen drinks to your menu as easy as plugging the unit into the wall, adding your ingredients, and powering on the machine. This machine requires a 115V electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 17 3/8"
Depth: 18 3/4"
Height: 21 7/8"
Capacity: (2) 1.6 gallon