Coffee Urn Stainless Steel 1.1, 1.9, 3 Gal Avantco CU Series

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The Avantco CU 30/55/110 Stainless Steel Coffee Urn

Brew, hold, and serve high volumes of coffee with the Avantco CU Series of stainless steel coffee urns.


The Avantco Coffee Urn comes in three different models

CU 30 1.1 Gal

Overall Dimensions:

  • Width:9 Inches
  • Depth:9 Inches
  • Height:16 Inches
  • Capacity:30 Cups

CU 55 1.9 Gal

 Overall Dimensions:

  • Width:12 Inches
  • Depth:12 Inches
  • Height:17 Inches
  • Capacity:55 Cups

CU 110 3 Gal 

 Overall Dimensions:

  • Width:14 Inches
  • Depth:14 Inches
  • Height:18 1/2 Inches
  • Capacity:110 Cups

This 30/ 55/110 cup stainless steel coffee urn is a magnificent addition to any church, office, catered event, or any other application where there's a need to quickly make a lot of coffee. It keeps coffee at ideal serving temperatures at all times and includes an auto shutoff function that prevents the unit from overheating. 



Sleek, Easy-to-Clean Design

A double wall stainless steel construction with stainless steel components make this durable unit a seamless addition to any coffee station, while a removable lid, brew basket, and stem help make cleaning a breeze.



Safe and Secure Transportation

A locking lid helps prevent spills during movement, and cool-touch handles protect hands from burns when the unit is hot.



Simple Lighted Control

Simple on / off toggle switch is encased for protection against spills and splashes, while indicator lights show when the unit's brewing or warming.



Easy Monitoring

A convenient sight glass shows how much coffee is left so you never run out unexpectedly.



Dripless Faucet

The dripless faucet ensures a smooth, steady pour while keeping floors and countertops safe and clean.