Toaster Conveyor Avantco with 3" Opening T140

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This Avantco T140 conveyor toaster is compact but still powerful enough to toast up to 300 slices per hour.

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Let the irresistible aroma of warm, golden brown, toasted bread and bagels tempt customers at your cafe, coffee shop, hotel, or breakfast buffet with the Avantco T140 conveyor toaster! This conveyor toaster can toast up to 300 slices of bread or bagel halves per hour, letting you keep up with your busiest hours throughout the day.



Large 3" Opening

The 3" slot accommodates large quantities of your most popular foods, including bagels.



10" Conveyor

The 10" wide conveyor can handle two pieces of toast or two bagel halves, side by side.



Adjustable Conveyor Speeds

Different conveyor speeds let you toast different items to perfection.

Adjustable Conveyor Speeds


Front and Rear Product Chutes

For versatility, this toaster can dispense product from the front or back on the included chutes. This makes it great for either self-service breakfast bars or prep areas where you have multiple employees assembling sandwiches! To set this toaster up to operate only from the front, simply close the rear panel. This will direct the toast toward the bottom of the unit and out through the front chute.



Energy Saving Stand-By Mode

When you aren't actively using this toaster, simply switch it to stand-by mode to conserve energy.



Removable Crumb Tray

Designed to catch crumbs during operation, this tray is easy to remove at the end of the day for cleaning.



Stainless Steel Exterior

Its stainless steel exterior provides long-lasting durability in a commercial environment. Plus, the professional-looking finish will fit right in with your front-of-the-house breakfast bar or back-of-the-house sandwich prep area.

Overall Dimensions:
  • Width:14 1/2 Inches
  • Depth:17 Inches
  • Height:16 1/2 Inches
Feeder Opening Dimensions:
  • Width:10 Inches
  • Height:3 Inches

The Avantco conveyor toaster is a great way to step up from a pop up toaster to a high-powered and high-production conveyor toaster!

  • With a 10 inch wide conveyor belt this conveyor toaster will toast up to 300 slices of bread or bagel halves per hour!
  • The 3 inch opening will allow you to toast even the largest bagels.
  • An easy to use dial lets you choose between bread, buns and standby settings.
  • An electronic browning dial makes it easy to precisely control browning.
  • Cleaning your toaster is a breeze thanks to this removable crumb tray!
  • The versatile Avantco conveyor toaster allows you to choose whether you want finished product to exit from the front or rear of the unit, so it’ll work great in any kitchen setup.
  • This versatile conveyor toaster is great for toast, bagels and other specialty items!