Cotton Candy Machine CCM 28 Carnival King

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Quickly and effortlessly spin an American classic with this Carnival King CCM28 cotton candy machine!


With a steady production rate of 2 cones per minute, this enticing cotton candy machine makes it easy for you to keep up with high demand events. Boasting powerful operating qualities and a durable construction this is the ideal machine for carnivals, sporting events, or parties!


Stainless Steel Bowl

Thanks to the large 28" diameter stainless steel bowl, this unit will stand tough against the rigors of repetitive use. In addition, it also holds a large amount of cotton candy to keep productivity high!



Simple Controls

To function, simple turn on the power and heat controls by flipping each switch to the circle symbol. Then, within just 3 minutes of heating the machine will be ready to use!



Floss Scoop

With this handy sugar floss scoop, dishing the floss into the well in the heating head becomes that much easier. The long handle will also help keep you and your staff safe when refilling the well.



Spinner Head

The spinner head is 5" in diameter and holds 4 oz. of floss sugar before melting it down into cotton candy. For best results, do not overfill the well!



Locking Clips

Locking clips help hold down the bowl during use to minimize vibration, making operation smooth and quiet!


Stainless Steel Supply Drawer

Store cotton candy cones or floss sugar packs in the durable stainless steel shelf. This feature provides much needed storage, especially when you're in transit to a venue or event.



Belt-Driven Power Source

This unit's reliable belt-driven operation relies on 1030W of power for high volume production and comes with 2 replacement belts. A 110V electrical connection is required for the machine to operate.

Overall Dimensions:

  • Width:28 3/8 Inches
  • Depth:28 3/8 Inches
  • Height:16 Inches
Bowl Dimensions:
  • Diameter:28 Inches
  • Height:6 1/8 Inches