Cotton Candy Bubble Plastic Roll Top Cover Floss Maker Clear 20.5"

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Cotton Candy Machine / Floss Maker Clear 20.5" Bubble Cover Shield


  • Durable polyester (PETG) for high impact resistance
  • Clear visibility
  • Easy access when making floss & full protection for you
  • Perfect accessory to your cotton candy machine
  • Helps your cotton candy machine maintain the optimum temperature
  • Fits 20.5" diameter bowls, which is the most common size for candy machine
  • Material: Durable polyester
  • Fit For: 20.5” / 520mm Bowl
  • Dimesions: 20.8" x 20.8" x 13..4" / 530mm x 530mm x 340mm

Package Weight6.6Lbs / 3Kg


Commercial 20.5" 52cm Floss Bubble Maker Cotton Candy Machine Cover

The Crystal Clear Plastic Bubble is designed for use during Cotton Candy Machine operation and fits all brands of cotton candy floss making machines with an approximate 20.5" diameter bowl. It is almost a must if you will be making cotton candy cones outside in the wind.

Freshly made cotton candy is extremely 'wispy' and the slightest wind carries it all over. The second reason you may want to purchase this clear plastic bubble is if you plan to operate your cotton candy floss machine around other adults or children. When you begin making cotton candy, children are instantly attracted to your activity. The cotton candy floss machine Whirl-a-Bout spins at a high rate of speed, is extremely hot to the touch and will instantly burn bare fingers. Adding this clear Plastic Bubble to your machine lets curious onlookers safely observe what you are doing and increases their desire for a finished cone.



1.Protect your machine when it's not in use with a Clear Bubble for your Cotton Candy Machine.

2.It provides one-hand access to the production compartment.

3.Using this Cotton Candy Bubble to help improve your customer service and really help increase profits.

 1 x Cotton Candy Machine Cover