Food Mill Stainless Steel 3.5 Qt. Tellier N3002X 7"

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This Tellier N3002X stainless steel food mill is used to strain or puree small quantities of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, apples, carrots, potatoes and more. This food mill has three movable side leg hinges for laying the mill on top of a stock pot. Simply place the cooked fruits or vegetables in the mill and turn the crank!

For a variety of product textures, it comes with (3) sieve cutting plates. The smallest sieve has 1.5 mm holes which is ideal for fruit sauces and tomato juice. The medium sized sieve has 2 mm holes which is best for purees and soups, while the largest size sieve has 4 mm holes which is perfect for stringy vegetables such as root crops, cooked lettuce, spinach, leeks and more. This model has an output of approximately 1 lb. per minute and has a capacity of 1 qt.

Overall Dimensions:
Top Diameter: 7"
Bottom Diameter: 4 1/2"
Length (including handle): 12 1/2"