Hot Dog Steamer 100 Dog & 48 Bun Avantco HDS100 120V, 1300W

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Avantco HDS-100 hot dog steamer

This Avantco HDS-100 hot dog steamer effectively holds and merchandises product to capitalize on hungry patrons and boost impulse sales.


Perfect for carnivals, concessions, and vending carts, this 1300W hot dog steamer keeps your hot dogs at the perfect serving temperature and humidity all day. Simply fill the water pan in the morning, set the temperature and humidity, and let the steamer do its job until closing time.

HDS 100 Overall Dimensions:

  • Width:18 1/2 Inches
  • Depth:14 Inches
  • Height:16 Inches
  • Hot Dogs:100 Hot Dogs
  • Buns:48 Buns

HDS 200 Overall Dimensions:

  • Width:18 1/2 Inches
  • Depth:14 Inches
  • Height:20 Inches
  • Buns:48 Buns
  • Hot Dogs:200 Hot Dogs



The Avantco HDS 100  is able to hold up to 100 hot dogs and 48 buns at one time and the HDS 200 is able to hold up to 200 hot dogs and 48 buns at one time.

Both Avantco HDS-100 hot dog steamer include



Tempered Glass

Both the front and rear panels are made of tempered glass for increased safety.




Stainless Steel Housing

Durable stainless steel helps this hot dog steamer resist corrosion and maintain a sleek appearance.




Adjustable Temperature

With a range of 85-175 degrees Fahrenheit, you can be sure this hot dog steamer is set to the proper temperature.




Top Loading Design

The lift-off split lid allows easy access for loading and serving product while keeping the steam inside to maintain proper temperatures. It also eliminates the need for extra space that would be taken up by traditional rear swinging doors.



Front Drain

To drain the water pan, there is no need to lift this hot dog steamer. Simply remove the plug on the front drain to empty the water at the end of the day.




High Capacity 6 Qt. Water Pan

Large enough to steam all day, the 6 qt. water pan allows you to fill up your hot dog steamer in the morning and then let the steamer do the work.




Adjustable Steam Level

For the bun compartment, you can easily adjust the amount of steam so that your hot dog buns stay warm and soft but don't get soggy. Simply turn the steam plate to open and close the holes in the bottom of the compartment to allow more or less steam inside.

Get your concession stand or snack shack ready for business with an Avantco hot dog steamer!

For your convenience, we offer two models. The HDS-100 holds up to 100 hot dogs, keeping them plump and juicy throughout the day, while the HDS-200 has double the capacity, capable of holding up to 200 hot dogs for high-volume sales.

Each unit can also hold up to 48 buns, keeping them warm and appetizing for potential customers.

Simply fill the 6 qt. water pan at the start of the day, set the temperature and humidity, and you'll have enough steam to last until closing time!

These Avantco units feature tempered glass sides and a stainless steel housing to ensure excellent durability, while the bright red "Hot Dogs" merchandising design on the front will help draw in hungry customers.

Its top-loading design makes it easy to access your stock quickly to serve customers in a timely fashion, and you'll also save space compared to traditional rear-swing doors.

The Avantco hot dog steamers are CE and ETL Listed, and they come with a 6 foot cord and NEMA 5-15P plug for easy operation.