Rice Cooker/Warmer Electric 46 Cup (23 Cup Raw) 120V Avantco RC2316

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This Avantco RC2316 electric rice cooker / warmer serves as a simple, all-in-one solution for consistently delicious rice.


This efficient rice cooker / warmer boasts a 46 cup yield of cooked rice, making it the perfect addition to your commercial facility. With both a cooker and warmer mode, you'll have everything you need to create those signature rice dishes at your authentic Mexican restaurant, Asian bistro, or on-the-go sushi counter.




Cooker / Warmer Indicator Light

The cooker / warmer mode indicator lights take the guess work out of rice preparation. This simple visual component lets users know when the rice is cooking versus when it's finished and being kept warm for serving.

Removable Inner Pot

The removable inner pot has a nonstick interior coating for easy cleaning. For best results, use warm water and detergent and avoid scraping it with metal utensils, as the coating may become damaged and lose its nonstick properties.

Steam Retention Lid

The lid retains steam to keep rice fresh while also helping keep the contents warm for up to 2 hours.



Measuring Cup and Paddle

The included measuring cup and rice paddle allow for simple scooping and filling of the pot every time.

Overall Dimensions:

  • Diameter:16 1/2 Inches
  • Height:11 7/16 Inches
  • Uncooked Capacity:23 c.
  • Cooked Capacity:46 c.
  • Cook and warm up to 23 cups of raw rice with the Avantco electric rice cooker.
  • With its 1600W of power, this unit makes it easier than ever to prepare the rice for your sushi stand or restaurant.
  • This rice cooker yields up to 46 cups of cooked rice and thanks to its intelligent design, this unit automatically switches to the warming feature after your rice has finished cooking, so you never have to wonder if it's done again.
  • This unit comes with a matching lid to ensure excellent steam retention.
  • A clear measuring cup is also included to make it easy to portion out the dry rice, so you can be exact and only use as much as you need.
  • The rice cooker's non-stick inner pot features graduated markings so you know exactly how much water to add.
  • And it's also removable for easy cleaning with just warm water and detergent.