Rotary Food Mill Tin-Plated Tellier M5 14" Diameter 8 Qt. Capacity

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This Tellier M5 14" diameter tin-plated #5 food mill has a double milling system on the bottom and sides to easily puree and mill tomatoes, apples, carrots, potatoes, fruit sauces, soups and much more. Simply place the cooked fruits or vegetables in the mill and turn the crank!

The semicircular blade sweeps, compresses, and scrapes the food, while the bar applies constant pressure against the cutting plate while retaining seeds, skin, and fibers.

For smooth foods like fruit sauces and tomato juice, the 1mm or 1.5mm sieve work best. 2mm and 3mm sieves are great for creating purees and soups, and 4mm sieves are an ideal selection when using vegetables, root crops, cooked lettuce, and similar foods.

This tin-plated mill comes with a sieve and has an output of approximately 10 lb. per minute thanks to its basket sieve cutting plate design. And to ensure you can produce food in large quantities, this food mill has a large 8 qt. capacity.

Overall Dimensions:
Top Diameter: 14"
Bottom Diameter: 7 1/4"
Height: 14 3/4"