Rotary Food Mill Tin-Plated Tellier S3 5 Qt. #3

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Rather than pulling out your big, bulky food processor, puree your fruits and vegetables with ease using the Tellier S3 5 qt. tin-plated #3 rotary food mill!

This highly portable and efficient food mill allows you to make your signature marinara, barbecue sauce, apple sauce, or even mashed potatoes without worrying about seeds or skins being blended in with your products.

Simply place your fruit or vegetable in the bowl, crank the lever, and just like that, you've got smooth, finely pureed food with little to no maintenance!

This rotary food mill comes with a fine 1/16" screen, a medium 1/8" screen, and a coarse 1/4" screen.

The tin-plated steel construction makes for a classic and refined look.

Overall Dimensions:
Height: 9 3/4"
Diameter: 12 1/4"
Capacity: 5 qt.