Countertop Soup/Food Warmer 11 Qt. S/Steel & Black Avantco S30

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Keep soups and sauces at the perfect serving temperature with this Avantco S30 11 qt. soup kettle warmer.

This warmer comes in both black and stainless steel



This Avantco soup kettle warmer is an excellent addition to any restaurant, catering service, or buffet line that needs to hold soup, gravies, stews, or nacho cheese at food-safe serving temperatures. Its simple manual control knob allows you to hold product at temperatures from 105-195 degrees Fahrenheit, while its stainless steel construction is sleek, durable, and a breeze to clean.

Versatile Lid

The lid's cool-touch handle and hinged design provide safe handling while eliminating the potential risk and mess associated with holding a lid or setting it elsewhere while serving. It also features a notch so you don't need a separate space to keep the ladle when not in use. Just leave it in the warmer and the lid closes around it, trapping the heat inside!


Removable Components

The removable hinged lid, ring, and an 11 qt. aluminum inset help to make cleaning as easy as possible.



Simple Control

Manual control knob makes temperature adjustment easy. The higher the number, the higher the temperature!

Simple Control


Clear Labeling

Magnetic labels for some of the most popular soups and stews means no more lost or broken tabletop signs.

Overall Dimensions:

  • Diameter:13 Inches
  • Height:15 Inches
  • Capacity:11 qt.

Keep these safety tips in mind when using your Avantco kettle style 11 qt. soup warmers.

  • First, always use the warmer on a solid, level surface.
  • Only use the warmer with wet heat.
  • Add 20 oz. of water to the kettle before placing the bain marie inset into the warmer. Be sure to not overfill it. The bain marie should not float, even when empty.
  • To begin operating your kettle, turn the warmer on. The indicator light will glow to show that the unit is on.
  • Adjust the temperature control to settings 8 to 12 for initial warm up. Once the kettle reaches your desired temperature, adjust the temperature control dial to lower settings 1 to 8 for holding and place your bain marie inset inside the kettle.
  • Attach the lid and you are ready to serve!
  • Please note that this kettle warmer is not designed to cook soups or sauces, and it is not to be used to re-thermalize cold or frozen products.
  • Don't attempt to move or carry the kettle when it is on, or full of hot liquid.
  • When cleaning your kettle, always unplug the kettle first.
  • Never immerse the appliance in water. Lift and remove the stainless steel liner.
  • The bain marie inset and lid are dishwasher safe.
  • To clean the kettle body, use hot soapy water and a rag.
  • Do not use harsh or abrasive chemicals or scouring agents to clean your kettles exterior.
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