Waffle Cone Forming Tool 9" Waring

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For help making perfectly shaped waffle cones for your ice cream parlor, concession stand, or cafe, look no further than this Waring CAC121 waffle cone rolling and forming tool. This unique item combines a cone-shaped mandrel with an angled platform to make rolling your signature, crunchy creations easier than ever before. The platform allows users to lay their freshly baked waffle upon its surface, rather than a countertop, for effortless and sanitary rolling. Stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting durability, in addition to making this essential accessory easy to clean.

Forming Tool Dimensions:
Length: 8 1/2''
Width: 3 1/4''

Platform Dimensions:
Length: 9 1/4''
Width: 7 1/2''
Height: 2 1/2''