Waffle Cone Iron / Maker Chef's Choice

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The Chef's Choice WaffleCone Express allows you to quickly make classic, rich waffle cones at home, just like the ones you grew up enjoying! This unit features an advanced, professional baking system that delivers freshly baked waffle cones in just 2 minutes. The unit's convenient "baking" and "ready" lights show you the status of your WaffleCone Express, while its color-select dial and non-stick plates give you optimal control over the end product. It comes equipped with a cone former to help you roll uniformly shaped cones every time.

This waffle cone iron produces a waffle that is 7" in diameter, which will roll to a 6" high cone. A unique locking latch on the M838 guarantees uniform thickness and perfect baking. Thanks to its built-in cord storage compartment, you can store the unit in an upright position to conserve space in your kitchen. With its quick temperature recovery feature, you'll be able to make multiple cones back to back; however, this unit is designed for light-duty use, and it should not be used constantly throughout the day.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 8 3/4"
Depth: 9 1/2"
Height (closed): 3 1/8"
Height (open): 12 1/2"